martedì 5 giugno 2012


Texture and patina.....

Seems those two things always draw me in.
I found these wonderful little containers
(and yes, don't choke, they ARE peat pots)
at my local Dollar General!
They seem to be a bit sturdier than your
typical peat pot plus the texture on the
sides is beautiful ~ They are also a pretty
vanilla color....perfect for Easter favors or gifts!

I'm always looking at textures and weaves of fabrics ~

The elegance of beautiful penmanship ~
they must have had strict classes back then!

I imagine it was hard to write on a book spine with pen and ink!

This stained pitcher is so beautiful to me ~

Old sheers

Speckled books, cracking at the spine ~

But just look at it's embossed cover!

The soft, crackled leather of an antique baby shoe
with beautiful scalloped edging detail.

Speckled rusting here and there ~

Do I need help?


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