venerdì 29 giugno 2012

Immagine su lamina e patina all'Americana!!

Designs are stamped on them with an ink pad and cleared up some with sharpie. The ink acts as a resist.
 The backs of the discs are stuck to tape, and they'll be suspended in an acid bath

 Discs are soaked in a thoroughly disgusting acid solution for a half hour. I'm supposed to be wearing rubber gloves, an apron, and boots. I did this in shorts and flip flops and survived.
 When done, they look equally disgusting. Some people call this art. I call it a sloppy mess in my backyard.
 Once they're pulled out of the acid, they're soaked in a baking soda and water solution to stop the etching process. This stuff foams...not for the timid.


When I pulled them out they still had ink on them, but they now have designs etched on them.

I removed the ink from most of these with pure acetone, and left a few dirty to show you.

Next I threw them in my rock tumbler for a few minutes to try to clean them up some more.

Getting ready to apply a patina fired finish with my blowtorch, I cleaned them with lemon juice and a Qtip to remove any dirt or oil from my fingers.

About to torch them with a butane torch (no pics...I can't work with fire and photograph at the same time)

The same piece after I torched it for a few seconds. It's darker than I'd like, so I'm going to go for less time on the rest.

The unetched backs of the discs before I torch them.

After torching for a few seconds, same discs...I'm loving the colors!

Same discs, only flipped to show the etched side.

The discs have been brushed with a clear enamel to keep the patina from changing over time. These are finished and ready for use.

The same discs, showing the patina on the back side.

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