sabato 16 giugno 2012

Inglobare i fiori nella resina ( ciondoli in resina)


dirty hands, raised up
presenting a gift
flowers picked and wilting
full of radiant love
full of pure joy
full of thankfulness
received in humility
received into the heart
held close


Ok, that was the touchy feely stuff- now for the jewelry making end of this challenge. I did it. I went out and bought Magic Glos resin to make this piece. I saw a tutorial on it long ago, and they captured flowers in it……how perfect would that be for my Happy Piece.

You can see the tutorial that inspired me below.

Let me tell you, it really is that easy to use. I liked this style, for the organic look of the edges. However, it is actually very hard to get it flat, with no bubbles, with no thin crumbly edge……I could go on. So, if you are looking for perfection, keep looking. I think it works too fast for perfect results. I do love that it’s easy to use. So for me, since I don’t demand perfection (I mean, nature isn’t perfect, and that’s what I want in my work, a natural feel), it’s my choice for resin.

I also knew I wanted to rivet the flowers encased in resin to some sort of copper backing. Again- didn’t go as planned. Guess what? Resin cracks easily. Not sure I will do more rivets with these, I lost too many, but I may bezel some. I also made these….

(but they were flowers I bought. The ones I used in my necklace were actually from my kids.)

So- I riveted my kids flowers in resin, to the copper backing, which had some xoxoxoxo stamping on it, and some greenish patina.

I finished the piece with some copper loopty loops I have been making. The sea green patina matched perfectly. Connected them all with wire, and added a chain………………………..


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  1. Ciao, non ho capito come ha fatto.Potresti spiegarmelo per favore?

    1. ciao Lorena. Si tratta di resina epossidica! Esiste sia da colata che per inglobamento. In questo video vedi uno dei tanti modi per inglobare qualsiasi oggetto..qui un fiore! La resina da inglobamento è vendibile già pronta all'uso, come in questo video, ò da miscelare..Per la prima volta consiglio quella già pronta, prendi una base come un lucido, spargi la resina, attendi 3/4 ora che si presti ad asciugarsi, staccala dal lucido, ingloba il fiore, inserisci altra resina sopra il fiore e attendere la sua perfetta asciugatura 24 ore! dopo di che risulta piu dura di un diamante..hai creato un inglobamento..dove con un pò di fantasia potresti fare una collana..ò qualsiasi altra cosa!..ho notato il tuo blog..ma quanti anni hai? ciaoo


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