sabato 23 giugno 2012

Idea VIntage!! ( trasferimento immagine)

To make the transfer, use gloves and cut a small slice of the roll of the resin clay.
Leave the gloves on and mix it together quickly with your fingers. Make sure it's fully mixed as it is a two part epoxy resin product.Mash
Use the tube it comes in and roll it out on a non-stick craft sheet or a piece of heavy black garbage bag.
Roll a
My favorite part is that I took a photo copy that I already had and used it for my transfer. No special paper or solutions. I just cut it out to shape and laid it face down on the wet clay and smoothed it in.
I waited for 24 hours to be sure it was cured, but plan to try it in a shorter time period next time. Wet the back of the paper and then just rub it off, it comes off very very easily.
trim to the size you like...rolled out thin plain scissors work.
File the edges and chip and mark them up to make the piece look more "found".
Coat the whole thing with dark brown acrylic paint and rub it off with a rag.
Use a little bit of sand paper and scuffed it and then use a little more paint to cover up the white, just work it until it looks old and worn.
Rough up
Another option is to just attach to a metal book cover. The dry clay is now a piece of "plastic" so it's easy to drill and manipulate. You can drill it and make a faux rivet or use a nut and screw. If you are interested in this journal you can find the whole project in the next issue of Handcrafted Jewelry one of my favorite magazines.
Voila a

The lovely images you see above were given to me by Helga at Art Chix Studio...I have LONG admired her work and was so delighted to have her in my class at the Bead and Button show. We will be carrying some of her beautiful images very very soon!

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