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Un libro metallico!!

Don't Come UnHinged! Transparent Wearable Journals

This is the second installment on Transparent Journals for the brave that want to make their own hinge. It's really fun to make hinges and is applicable a lot of different projects.
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The first step to make a journal is to prepare your paper. It’s important to give it three days to cure before assembling the journal. See the How to Resin Paper Blog for details.
To make the metal book covers; first texture, stamp in any lettering and heat patina if desired. Anneal to soften the metal to make forming the hinges easier.
Draw the hinge pattern on the sheet metal. In class we use 1.5 x 3 inch pieces, if you are using something different you will need to adjust to your design. Leave ½” at the top then draw another line 1/2” down.

Draw out an “E”. Darken the cutting lines to keep from getting lost as you are cutting with your jeweler’s saw.
Cut along the lines with a jeweler’s saw. Turn the corners by sawing up and down in place and very gradually turning the saw.
File all the cut edges until smooth. Use a pair flat nose pliers to turn the legs of the “E” to a 90 degree angle. Do the same for the top piece too.

Using a pair of Bail Making Pliers. I just put them on sale for you...I can do that! These are the easiest because the jaws are even, not tapered. You can use a pair of long round nose pliers and adjust for the taper as you work. Roll the tabs toward the back centering on the sheet.
Make sure the hinges line up evenly centered over the sheet metal.

File and “futz” the hinge with a pair of chain nose pliers until you can line it all up evenly to put the tubing through. At this point I use the whole tube as it's easier to handle.

Now the tubing is in the hinge, cut it off with a jeweler's saw so it protrudes on each end about the width of a 16 gauge wire. Create a tube rivet by spreading the end of the tube with a center punch...
then finishing with the ball peen end of a hammer by stroking lightly around the outside edge and flaring the edge enough to hold the hinge together.
Drill a 1/8” hole on both sides of the top of the hinge on the front only (they are shown above)
If you want to add fringe to the back do it now. Drill a hole or multiple holes to use for jump rings to hold the fringe. See last weeks blog for details.
Next create your pages by using the pre-resined paper you have previously created and tear the sheets to fit or nearly fit--however you like them. Use the back cover as a tearing edge.
If you want to add color or burn the edges of the pages to age them do this now. Create a stack of pages, then drill front to back through the whole stack. This will go through the previously drilled holes as a marker, through the papers and the metal back of the journal.

Slip a long 1/8” eyelet front to back through to hold it all together. Holding tightly, flip the whole "sandwich" over. Using the same technique as above make a tube rivet out of the eyelet.

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